Welcome to this page, my name is Paul. I'm a Dutchman, 54 years old, and live since around 16 years in central Thailand, where I have my garage and mechanical workshop, containing all my tools and equipment, that I moved over from the Netherlands.
rstoration and renovation of classic carsI have 30+ years experience as a car mechanic, of which 12 years at Mercedes Benz. I had my own car repair workshop, as a hobby aside for my own cars and old-timers, which is the one I moved to Thailand.

Since then I have of course been looking around, what's going on in the car repair and restoration business here and found that basically everything needed to restore and renovate classic cars is available here.

The prices of original spare parts are about the same as in the Netherlands, but I can work and hire work for interior jobs and other things, much cheaper here than there. So it became clear to me, that it actually would be cheaper for western car enthousiasts to ship there restoration objects to Thailand and back again after the job is completed, than to have it done in their own, very expensive countries.
The shipping costs to Thailand you'll easily save in.

However, I cannot assist you in any way to bring your car over here - you will have to arrange that yourself. Once it is in the harbor, I can pick up your car, or you have it delivered to me from there. I suggest you contact the Thai Embassy in your country and/or a shipping company, for information about duty-free import for re-export. It should be possible, as it is in most countries. If you are in the USA, you could contact this vehicle shipping company:
Los Angeles, California   Tel.: 818-265-9700 • Fax: 818-265-9707

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